We, at Relemac Technologies India is done by state of the art high-tech equipments handled by a team of skilled people to deliver high quality of products. We have been continuously improving upon our dealing process and the machinery to keep in pace with the changing and ever advancing technology.


We believe in Total Quality Assurance and have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for our quality system.

Our products are put through IMI, in-process and final strenuous testing procedures in our testing lab well equipped with latest testing equipment.Catering to Bureau of Indian Standards , the laboratory can conduct tests as per IS 694, IS 1554 Part-1, IS 7098 Part-1, IS 14255, Zero Halogen,Toxicity Test & IEC Norms as well. Various third party inspection agencies have conducted tests at our laboratory. Our products are type tested through ERDA, CPRI and other recognized NABL Approved Laboratories.

Test Plan & Inspestion

Testing is a vital part of cable / conductor manufacturing. The Company has a well equipped inhouse testing laboratory for carrying out electrical, mechanical and chemical tests which are required as per above / relevant specifications. The various tests as provided in the Indian / International Standards are carried out regularly. These are classified in four different groups:

 ►  Routine Tests

 ►  Type Tests

 ►  Acceptance Tests

 ►  Special Tests


We use best raw materials available in the market (Only from Relemac's Approved Venders.); put them to rigorous test and quality controls which get scrutinized by the technical Department before stocking them for different processes. The following tests conducted to test the raw material/verify the vendor's test/Technical lab report.


Tests are conducted on conductor are as per IS: 8130:1984. Apart from these tests, if customers required other test requirements. Those tests are also conducted.

i) Conductor Resistance : 100% with the help of Kelvin Double Bridge for wire up to 0.4mm Diameter. Finer wires by sampling of 10% on lot basis.

ii) Conductor Elongation : 100% on Tensile Testing machine for wires up to 0.4mm Diameter. Finer wires by sampling of 10% on lot basis.

iii) Solder Bath/Persulphate : 100% for wires up to 0.4mm. Diameter Finer wires by sampling of (For Tinned conductors only) 10% on lot basis.

iv) Wrapping Test : 100% Wrapping is done manually. (For Aluminum Conductor Only)

v) Tensile Strength: 100% with the Tensile Strength on Tensile Testing Machine. (For Aluminum Only)


Tests are conducted on PVC Compound/Polyethylene/Polymers are as per relevant Specification. Those tests are also conducted. Sample of every consignment is first run on Trial basis and following tests are conducted: -

i) Insulation Resistance: With Mega Ohms Meter.

ii) Elongation: With Tensile Testing Machine.

iii) Tensile Strength: With Tensile Testing Machine.

iv) Spark Testing: With on line spark testers.

v) High Voltage Test: With High Voltage Tester.

vi) Thermal Stability Test: With Oven & PH Paper.

vii) Oxygen & Temperature Index: With Oxygen Test Apparatus. [For FRLS PVC/FRHF Compound]

viii) Smoke Density Test: With smoke Density Test Apparatus. [For FRLS PVC/FRHF Compound]

ix) HCL Gas Generation Test: With HCL Gas Emission Test Apparatus. [For FRLS PVC/FRHF Compound]

x) Swedish Chimney Test: With Swedish Chimney Test Apparatus. [For FRLS PVC/FRHF Compound]

The Following TYPE TESTS are conducted on month basis :-

i) Bleeding & Blooming: With Bleeding & Blooming tape and HST Oven.

ii) Ageing: With Ageing Oven.

iii) Hot Deformation: With Hot Deformation Apparatus.

iv) Loss of Mass: With Electronic Balance & Additional Ageing Oven with Air Flow.


We procure ISI marked G.I. wire & Strips. However the following Tests are conducted as per IS:3975:-

i) Dimensions: 100% with Micrometer and Vernier Calipers.

ii) Tensile Strength: 100% with Tensile Testing Machine.

iii) Dip Test: with Dip Tester.


i) Peel Strength: From Tensile Machine.

ii) Dimensions: 100% with Micrometer and Vernier Calipers.



i) Dia & No. of Strands.: On Sample Basis.

ii) Conductor Resistance: Sampling basis.

iii) Direction & Lay Length: Sampling Basis.

iv) Dimension over Conductor: Sampling basis.


i) On Line Spark Testers: 100% Performed by Spark Testers on each Extruder.

ii) Dimension & Centering: On line, by sampling basis.

iii) Insulation Resistance: Sampling Basis.

iv) High Voltage: Sampling Basis.

v) Tensile Strength of PVC Comp: Sampling Basis Performed as described before.

vi) Conductor Dimension: Sampling Basis. & Resistance.

vii) Shrinkage: Sampling Basis.


i) Visual Examination for: 100% Color Sequence

ii) Direction & lay Length: 100% with Visual and Vernier Calipers

iii) High Voltage Test: 100% performed with High Voltage Test.

iv) Conductor Resistance: 100% on digital Resistance Meter.

v) Size of Conductor: 100% By Micrometer.

vi) Dia. Over Laid Up Cores: 100% by Vernier Calipers.


i) Thickness & Measurement: 100% with help of Vernier Calipers.

ii) Surface Conditions of Inner: Visual Examination. Sheath


i) Direction of Lay: Visual Examination.

ii) No. of Wires/Strip: On line, by counting.

iii) Diameter of Wire/Width: By Micrometer. & Thickness of Strip

iv) High Voltage: 100% by High Voltage Tester.

v) Dia. Over Armouring : By Vernier Calipers.


i) Continuity of each core before Sheathing : 100% by Continuity Tester

ii) Diameter Over Sheathing : By Vernier Calipers.

iii) Thickness of Insulation: By Vernier Calipers.

iii) Eccentricity: By Vernier Calipers.

iv) Surface Finish: Visual Examination.

v) Printing/Embossing : Visual Examination.

FINAL TESTING:- Final Testing of Electrical Wires are carried out as per IS 694:2010[ Conductor - IS:8130 (Type - II) & Insulation - IS:5831:1984 (Type - A)] Final Testing of FRLS PVC Insulated Wires are carried out as General Purpose Electrical PVC Wires in addition of FRLS Tests as per ASTM D-2843 & 2863, IEC - 754-I and BICC Hand Book Chapter - VI. Final Testing of Flame Retardant Halogen Free Compound Insulated Wires are carried out as IEC - 332-1 & 3, IEEE - 383, IEC - 754 - 1 & 2, ASTM - D 2843 & 2863. Final Testing of Cables are carried out as per IS: 1554[Pt-I]:88 and any other National/International Specification required by the customers. The results are recorded on Test Report.

R & D

We give immense stress on Research & Development at various levels of dealing and testing. Continuous improvement in the quality of existing products, services and development of new products is a policy matter at our works.

We develop cables to suit the stress & strain of installation conditions at various industries.

Product Packaging

We are capable of meeting the most strict delivery schedules. Meeting the deadline is always the top priority as any delay in the delivery of cable can contribute to overall project delay and cost overrun.

Cable is supplied in wooden reels, corrugated boxes and coils. Cable ends are sealed with BOPP self adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic sealing caps to protect the cable ends from moisture.

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